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Rian Dutra

Senior Interaction Designer


Rian Dutra is an interaction designer with extensive experience in UX and visual design and is a cognitive science researcher. Currently, he works at HAR (Houston Association of Realtors). Since 2006, he's been working for companies and worldwide clients such as Steve Woz (Apple's co-founder), BairesDev, Unilever, and Udacity. He has a master's degree in computer science and degrees in graphic design and system analysis. He also works as a professor in post-graduate courses in UX Design and Cognitive Science, and and also UX Design mentor.

Academic education

  • Master's degree in Computer Science (Virtual Reality / Computer Graphics)
  • Postgraduate degree in Neuroscience and Applied Psychology
  • Postgraduate degree in Financial and Capital Markets
  • MBA in Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Postgraduate degree in 3D Animation
  • Graduation in Graphic Design
  • Graduation in Systems Analysis and Development

Lectures & Workshops

  • Design, Research, Brownies & Great Produtos
  • How to create innovative products through Design
  • UX Design for Developers
  • The Designer's Thinking
  • Design, Brand and Visual Identity
  • Programming in the Real World with Javascript
  • Virtual Reality for the Treatment of People with Intellectual Disabilities


Author of the blog Designr

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Rian Dutra